Ethics lost in Brimhay deal

By Totnes Times in

Following months of attempted creative negotiation, reasoning, presentation of alternative ethical plans and legal battling by Dartington residents, South Hams councillors, contradicting their own ethical aims as a council, have decided that: wildlife (bats, dormice) and rural green space at Brimhay bungalows, Dartington (legacy of the Emhirst’s philosophy on quality of life and design), are not to be respected. It is all just “unused space”.

They consider it ethically reasonable for SDRHA to obliterate it with blocks of urban-style flats, no green space and 12 commercially profitable houses. Increase in traffic/

pollution on narrow lanes not considered a problem as “not their responsibility”.

A brutal overdevelopment of green space the size of the ­marketplace that previously housed social housing tenants in pleasant surroundings, now cramming them in like battery chickens simply to justify the building of 12 open market houses.

As councillor Holway said: “People have social housing with lovely gardens that they don’t look after.”

This echoes a similar comment at a previous meeting when a councillor stated that: “The flats don’t need lifts as the elderly social housing tenants will be forced to climb stairs to keep fit.”

These mean-spirited people, citizens, are the majority of your democratically elected councillors. Their job is to serve you and to work in the best interests of: 1. ALL their electorate (not just those they approve of); and 2. the environment. Does this hypocritical, cruel, patronising attitude really encourage respect or trust?

Once built on, Brimhay, Forder Lane, Dartington, will stand as a new visual memorial to a contradiction of what historic Dartington represents, a permanent reminder of crass institutional prejudice and inequality. Get the 165 from town, people. Go and see it now. Then go and see it after it has been built on and lay a wreath to human stupidity and arrogance.

Joan Cant

Bramble Close


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